Vision Cards
Vision Cards

Vision Cards

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Having goals and ideas is a great start, but when those goals and ideas are actually written you increase your chances of reaching those goals and creating those ideas tremendously. Vision cards work like vision boards, only it's a modern more versatile version. You simply use dry erase or wet erase markers to write and keep track of goals, ideas, growth, affirmations, or whatever your heart desires. The vision cards are also more aesthetically pleasing than sticky notes or index cards with hexagon shapes and laser etched details to keep your home office or workspace inspiring. They come 4 in one order, can be hung with clear double-sided adhesive and used with dry erase markers or wet erase markers.


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  • Order includes:
  • 4 acrylic cards
  • Does not come with mounting items. Mounting suggestions: Clear mounting tape.
  • Approx. 4.7" W x 4.1"L
  • Product SKU: LPH02
  • *Designed and made in Nola, USA