Our Brand

Crafted by Culture 

Our approach

is to simply create stylish, long lasting, and lightweight jewelry for your life on the go, and to create modern and functional home goods designs that inspire your style and make your home or office your happy place while serving and positively impacting the community. 

Our Products

are designed, laser cut, formed, soldered and handcrafted with tons of love. Laser cutting technology, acrylic, and non tarnishing 14k gold and rose gold filled, chain, wire, and findings are used to produce unique, stylish, and long-lasting jewelry and accessories. The scraps and leftover materials from creating jewelry are recycled.

Our Culture

Creole Amour is New Orleans based and culturally inspired by the artistic, resilient, and unique nature of the city. Inspiration also comes from experiences from travels across the globe. Each design is designer & maker Kiki's take on her cultural experiences abroad and within Nola.

Our Name

The rich cultural background and history of designer Kiki Love’s hometown and bloodline, come together to create the name Creole Amour. New Orleans’ history of mixed cultures of African, French, Spanish, etc, make up the “Creole” culture. “Amour”, which means “love” in French, represents Kiki’s French family name and her middle name, which is Love.

Our Process

Each design is originally created from scratch and comes to life like this:

Conceptual Design | Sketch ideas

Digital Drafting | Sketches to computer

Laser Technology | Laser cutting beams bring the ideas to life

Forming | Hand form, shape, file, solder, polish, sew, sand, glue, etc. 

Assemble  | Handcraft the designed pieces into finished products


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