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Kiki Love of Creole Amour

Hi, I'm Kiki

I'm the creative behind Creole Amour, and I'm a New Orleanian, who's traveled the world living in 8 different countries on 4 continents. I absolutely love learning about new cultures, and I've had amazing experiences like floating in the Dead Sea in Israel, seeing the Northern Lights in Finland, trailing through a forest to a beautiful waterfall in New Zealand, and so much more. I must say that I Iove every travel experience, but living in Antibes in the South of France is somewhere at the top of my list because of New Orleans' deep-rooted connection to France through our history, architecture, and language, not to mention it's beautiful. I even learned French!

These are some of the things that come together as a driving force of inspiration for Creole Amour. As a self-taught designer, much of my work is shaped by these experiences and tell a story of these cultures through my eyes. I design and hand make each item with tons of love because of what each piece represents to me. I pack and ship all orders with the help of my team of 3 people based in New Orleans.


Kiki Love of Creole Amour

I love how important jewelry is to every look, and its ability to make or break a look. I Iove how jewelry can make bold statements and also be a dainty, intimate keepsake that's near and dear to someone's heart.

In 2012, when I started this journey with Creole Amour my only intention was to resale accessories, but quickly changed as I wanted to provide unique and long lasting pieces that can withstand time and a busy life on the go. That led me to research and teach myself jewelry making techniques and the start of using 14k Gold FIlled materials for quality yet affordable jewelry. I'll be honest that it took some gold plated inventory tarnishing before I went back to the drawing board and saw the importance of spending more and using 14k Gold FIlled.

Overtime and living in different places, I realized how the design and decor, or lack of decor in our homes abroad, made such a huge impact on how I felt. From my experience with laser cutters for creating jewelry, I knew they could be used for so much more. That's how Creole Amour's Home Goods came to life. It's modern and functional designs to inspire you in your homes or offices and create your best feeling space.  

Creole Amour is continuing to grow and evolve to bring the most meaningful and quality pieces to inspire you in more ways than one. I'd love for you to be a part of this journey with me. Follow along on Instagram, and feel free to say hi. I always love to talk with Creole Amour's supporters!

-Xoxo Kiki

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