Jewelry Care

Gold Filled Care:

Gold Filled: like gold, with the proper care, gold filled jewelry should last a reasonably long time and in most cases a lifetime.

Avoid: harsh soaps, heavy detergents and chemicals, chemicals from perfume, salt water, chlorine from pool water, and perspiration to maintain your jewelry's beauty and natural shine; those elements can take it's toll on all gold jewelry. Be careful not to snag or pull your jewelry to avoid breaking the chain or jumprings.

To clean: don't use any jewelry cleaners/ cleaning chemicals or cleaning cloths, as many times these cleaners have abrasive and corrosive elements that can damage and alter the color of your jewelry. Do use warm water and a cloth to dry; in some situations using a little light dish detergent and water can help clean build up.

Acrylic Care: 

Acrylic: jewelry is the hardest and stiffest plastic, and can last a lifetime is properly cared for.

AvoidShowering and swimming in your acrylic pieces. Be careful not to smash or snag your jewelry as it can cause your acrylic piece to scratch, crack or break in some areas. Spray perfumes and apply lotions before you put on your jewelry, giving the perfumes and lotions time to dry.

 To CleanDon't: clean with jewelry cleaners or chemicals not suitable for acrylic, and don't use a dry cloth. Do: clean with a mild solution of dish detergent and warm water with a cotton swab or damp cloth. 


Extra Care Tips:

Stay Dry. Apply lotions, perfumes, hair sprays, and make up before putting on your jewelry. They may contain chemicals that may damage your jewelry over time. 

Gently wipe chain and acrylic clean after each wear to remove any makeup or oils from the skin.

Last on, First off. Your jewelry should always be put on last and taken off first.

Store: your jewels separately so that it doesn't scratch or isn't scratched from other jewelry. Store them in the plastic baggies and in the velvet bag shipped with your order to keep your jewelry from moisture or any chemicals in the air.