How CA Gives

The Problem

New Orleans is truly a magical city that is also plagued by a 27% poverty rate, which not only affects adults but at least 44% of those affected are children under the age of 5. Gender and racial wage gaps contribute to the large number of individuals and families who are living below the poverty level. Inequalities amongst schools in low income areas result in poor performance leaving students unequipped for successful lives as adults and fueling a cycle of poverty.

Our Purpose

We are a for-people, for-purpose brand. We are committed to serving, impacting lives, and helping provide individuals, young and old, the necessary tools and opportunities to live successful and fulfilling lives. As a result, it will create a better and more positive community. Each piece purchased helps support the youth, the homeless, and the disadvantaged in the New Orleans metropolitan area through education, job training and opportunities, housing, meals, basic needs, funding and help to victims of social injustices, and so much more. We believe we all can help make a positive impact little by little.

How Creole Amour  gives back

How We Give

At Creole Amour, you're not only supporting a small business, you are helping people in the community with varying disadvantages. We donate 10% of profits from each purchase to local and national non-profit organizations.

Who We Give To and Desire To Give To

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Necklace and Bracelet Length Guide

Necklace Lengths 

Creole Amour Necklace Length Giude

Bracelet Size Guide

To get the best bracelet size, measure your wrist following these steps:

Step 1: Use a tape measure to measure your wrist by wrapping the measuring tape right below the wrist bone, where you would normally wear your bracelet.

Step 2:  Take note of your measurements and select the best size that provides the best comfort for you. All bracelets are made with .5" extension chain to provide flexibility in your bracelet fit.

If you don't have measuring tape, click here for a printable tape measure.

Please Note: Using the actual measured circumference of your wrist will provide an exact fit. We don't recommend wearing our bracelets in exact/ wrist hugging fashion as it can cause tension with wrist movement. Too much tension can make the chain susceptible to breaking. If you prefer a more snugged fit, order your bracelet size closest to your wrist size and wear your bracelet attached to the extension chain. This will give you a more snugged fit without the extra tension.

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