1. Are your earrings and jewelry safe for people with sensitive skin?

Yes! All of our jewelry pieces are hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.

2. Are your 14k Yellow Gold and 14k Rose Gold items made from solid gold?

Yes, it is. To learn more about the differences in our 14k Gold and our Gold Filled items click here.  

3. How are your materials vegan and sustainable.

Our card wallets are made from cork material, which is sustainably sourced from the bark of the cork oak tree. This cork can be harvested every 8-14 years of a cork oak tree's life without harming the tree.

4. How are your practices eco-friendly?  

Much of our metal are made from recycled, reclaimed, or is ethically sourced. We also recycle scraps and left over materials from jewelry making to be remelted and made new.

5. What does "Made to Order" mean?

"Made to Order" means we make them as you order them. Made to Order items can take up to 2 weeks before it's shipped out to you. Don't worry we're working really hard each day to get your fabulous items to you, and remember they are handcrafted with tons of love

6. What if only one item in my order is "made to order"?

If some items in your order are "made to order" and other items aren't, we'll ship out the items that are ready to go. Once the "made to order items" are ready, we'll ship those right out to you too! 

7. I'm sending my order as a gift. Can I add a gift message and can you send gift receipts?

Yes, we sure can! When you add your order to the cart, you'll see an option to add a note or gift message. When we ship your order, we'll add a gift receipt with your gift message.

8. Are the pictures of the jewelry, goods, and etc. actual pictures of the merchandise? 

Yes, all pictures are actual pictures of the items.

9. Gift card questions?

Click here

10. Do you offer wholesale?

Yes, for wholesale inquires please contact us via this contact form. 

11. Looking for a necklace length and bracelet guide?

Click here.

12. Looking for shipping information?

Click here.

13. Looking for information on our hassle free return policy?

Click here.

    Necklace and Bracelet Length Guide

    Necklace Lengths 

    Creole Amour Necklace Length Giude

    Bracelet Size Guide

    To get the best bracelet size, measure your wrist following these steps:

    Step 1: Use a tape measure to measure your wrist by wrapping the measuring tape right below the wrist bone, where you would normally wear your bracelet.

    Step 2:  Take note of your measurements and select the best size that provides the best comfort for you. All bracelets are made with .5" extension chain to provide flexibility in your bracelet fit.

    If you don't have measuring tape, click here for a printable tape measure.

    Please Note: Using the actual measured circumference of your wrist will provide an exact fit. We don't recommend wearing our bracelets in exact/ wrist hugging fashion as it can cause tension with wrist movement. Too much tension can make the chain susceptible to breaking. If you prefer a more snugged fit, order your bracelet size closest to your wrist size and wear your bracelet attached to the extension chain. This will give you a more snugged fit without the extra tension.

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