The Year of Impact


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Today marks 4 years since Creole Amour opened shop online, and we're celebrating in a big, big way! But first, we're extremely thankful to any and everyone who has supported this dream of bringing stylish and unconventionally made jewelry and accessories to women all over the world. Wether you've purchased, told a friend about us, or liked and shared our posts on social media, it means a ton to a small business like us.

Now on to the good stuff. To mark our 4 year journey, we knew we had to do something big, something beyond creating accessories, something that would impact the world we live in a more positive way, and we've found it. Today we transitioned into a for-people, for-purpose brand. That means each purchase made will help support at-risk and homeless youth of the New Orleans Metropolitan area.

Each Purchase helps at-risk and homeless youth

New Orleans is a lively city with great culture, festivals, music and great people, but poverty and crime are persistent issues, and it's our mission to do something about it, starting with the youth. We've decided to donate a portion of each sale to help the youth of Nola as well as give an inspirational bracelet for each purchase made. It's extremely important to nurture and guide our youth, especially the young people who are born into poverty and live in enviorments that set them back before they ever have a chance. They deserve opportunities to learn, grow, and live successful and fulfilling lives and ultimately create a better community and world for us all. To find out more information on why we are giving and how we are giving visit Our Purpose page.

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