By KIki

Hi guys! It's Kiki here, and in case you didn't know, I'm the creator behind Creole Amour. February 24th Creole Amour celebrated 7 years of awesomeness, and because I know the support of all of you is one of the main reasons Creole Amour is still here, I thought this was a great opportunity to launch our blog "By Kiki" and share a little bit more about me. But first, here is where you can keep up with what's going on with Creole Amour, travels, jewelry tips, and everything in between.

Let's kick off this first blog post with 5 interesting facts about me:

  1. I played collegiate basketball and 1 year professionally in Europe (Limassol, Cyprus to be exact)Kiki Love Playing Professional Basketball
  2. My absolute favorite food has to be boiled crawfish - I'm a Nola girl
  3. My baby (well, he's 1, but still my baby) was born in France ( I speak a little French too)Kiki Love in Paris
  4. I've floated in the Dead Sea, and I've seen the Northern Lights
  5. I'm a self-taught jewelry maker and metalsmith, and the first time I made a necklace I used one set of pliers and my fingers. My fingers were sore for over a week. (I didn't know you were supposed to use two pliers)

That's it for now. To find out more about me and my inspirations for Creole Amour, check out Meet The Designer

À bientôt!

xoxo- Kiki 

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